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Why PriceWise?

PriceWise is an end-to-end solution for Managing Pricing and Rebate Programs covering each processes: client recruitment, contract management, contract tracking, and finally assistance in automatic customer payouts.

With PriceWise, you can:


Enhance Program Effectiveness

Easily identify which customers, regions and sales reps are best meeting the performance goals


Increase Partner Loyalty

Ensure goals are clearly communicated, accurately measured and quickly paid out to partners


Reduce Back-office Workload for Sales Personnel

Automate multiple steps of the process as your volume increases


Adapt Faster and Be Competitive

Create new calculation rules without IT involvement and system change


Reduce Revenue Leakage

Reduce errors and disputes with rebates by automatizing calculation and tracking performance to agreed-upon goal


Easily adapt to various markets and business models

Direct and indirect market channels

Plan and execute your rebates and pricing policy effectively!
Build self-service agile solution for your sales force and managers

PriceWise addresses challenges faced by every stakeholders in the process

Sales Representative



How to track my customer’s performance effectively?
How to “buy” my customer into the program efficiently?
How not to get swamped with all the paperwork?


PriceWise Solution

Visual simulation of the program incentives based on customer performance.
A 360° view of each customer with various built-in analyses and reports.
Automated approvals and paperless process management.

Sales Manager



How can I respond to competition in the market quickly with better offers?
How to track goals and performance of my team effectively?
How to monitor the effectiveness of my rebate program?


PriceWise Solution

A fully configurable rule engine for implementing even the most complex pricing policies and rebate simulations
Dashboards and reports with detailed analyses of performance and goals achieved

Chief Financial Officer



How to prevent revenue leakage?
How to ensure timely payments to partners?
How to minimize errors in the rebate policy?


PriceWise Solution

Configurable payment process authorization
Automated rebate & payment calculations
Alerts and notifications, automated integrated environments reduce calculations errors

Technical & infrastructure

PriceWise solution is delivered as a web&mobile application

SaaS Model

Software license and infrastructure provided as a service

Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud infrastructure. Access through web client. Easy to manage for many countries. No need for hardware/software administration or additional costs



Solution built on low-code platform – OutSystems. Platform supports both Rest and SOAP API, with 1000+ out-of-the-box connectors to various systems like SAP, Salesforce etc.

Short Time

Implement markets in relatively short time: 4-6  weeks to implement a market


We offer a wide range of data and rebate management services

Rebate policy design

Business analyses
Rebate model recommendation
Rebate model review and profitability analyses based on real sales data

Data Management

Data cleansing
Data mapping
Data integrity and upload

Rebate management

Advance analytics and reporting
Integration with third party solutions
User management
Rebate and payment calculation

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PriceWise Team

Manoj Nair

Manoj Nair

Director, Enterprise Applications

Leading and delivering acceleration to digital transformation strategy for clients. Over 20 years of experience in the field of information and technology.

Jarosław Paradowski

Jarosław Paradowski

Business Process Expert

12 years of extensive experience in project management. Business analysis, IT strategy and change management expert.

Michał Witek

Michał Witek

Solution Architect

Experienced Business Line Manager & Solution Architect with a solid track record of working in the information technology and services industry.

Sylwia Masłowska-Makarewicz

Sylwia Masłowska-Makarewicz

Sales Manager

Marketing and sales manager with vast experience in pharma industry and loyalty programs design, implementation and management.

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